Working for the most modern turkey slaughterhouse in Europe

Starting with summer of 2010 we have the honor to work for the most modern turkey slaughterhouse in Europe a company with over 10 years of experience in raising and slaughtering chickens and turkey with a capacity of 48,000 tonnes per year. We delivered customized ERP solution with strong industrial terminal integration aiming: usability, simplicity, business process optimization.

Bizerba weighing terminal integration

One of the highlighted optimization and cost-saving system functionality implemented is the production line integration for data acquisition from industrial terminals and machines to implemented ERP system.
To achieve this we program Bizerba weighing terminals, lebeler printers and bar code readers. This way the production procedure is “finished” by identifying every single product based on a bar code system taking the product weights and storing in ERP system.

By this integration we are promoting HACCP & ISO 22000, Food Safety Management Standards as on every point of action we store in ERP system action log information, so we know exactly when, what and who operates, as well as the entire product life-cycle is tracked.

Standard ERP modules, Delivery

Beside production, another very important business process is delivery. To ensure the fast and smooth running of delivery process we integrated mobile and wireless bar code readers, mobile terminals for preparing and completing delivery notes, invoices on-fly or based on commands.

Standard ERP modules delivered. The implemented custom ERP system also covers the major requirements of the following systems: inventory, purchase, production, sales, business intelligence, reporting.