Supporting the biggest local fresh cold cuts producer

Since 2009 we are working for the biggest local fresh cold cuts producer, a company with a meat processing and production facility of 2400 sqm, equipped with last generation meat processing machinery and installations which allow the close monitoring of technological parameters and production of high class products, in compliance with EU standards.

From agent smartphones to weight terminals: from orders taken by agents to invoices

Because of our clients business rules handling every single client in a special way, taking care of every single detail we have to manage hundreds of clients, delivery locations, products, price lists and invoices in a daily basis.

Cost- and human resource saving solution. To respond to the above requirements we implemented the agent order taking automatism as well as other client care functionalities on the cheapest smart phones of the market. Agents are taking and transmitting to the back-end system the orders taken. The back-end ERP system handles all other entities needed to complete the delivery and invoicing directly from BIZERBA weight terminals.

Invoicing the outcome of delivery automation. Delivery stuff is preparing and delivering orders on integrated weight terminals, as part of the delivery automation, being driven by terminal itself from one order to another creating in background on order completion the corresponding invoice with right delivery address, correct prices, exactly as it was registered by agent.

Accounting system integration, production modules. The implemented ERP system integrates legacy accounting subsystem as well as provides production modules which mimics the production lines of fresh cold cut products.